Saturday, July 30, 2016

Why yes, I am still alive, and I still like bugs.

So, yeah.  I guess I should update this thing every so often, before it gets hacked, or taken over, or deleted or something.

I do still enjoy finding bugs wherever I may go.  I just don't get a lot of great quality pictures these days, using mostly my iPhone.  Maybe I will get more photo ops with some new and interesting bugs, now that we have a little teardrop trailer camper, and that will get me inspired.  I have been inspired to blog about the new trailer.  You can see that blog here.

But in the meantime, here are a few of the bugs I saw earlier this week, at Mt. Laguna, in the Cleveland National Forest, near San Diego.

National Moth week!
This week was National Moth Week. I did put up a little sheet with an LED camping lantern, but it didn't attract many insects. But here is a moth that did show up, so I could say I celebrated Moth Week.

Can you see the bugs?
Look carefully down into this jar. There are 2 insects that blended in very well to the tall, mostly dead grass.

Stick insect
OK, now can you see the stick insect?

Stick insect
even closer

cool caterpillar

cool caterpillar
The other bug in the jar was this cool, extra long, creamy colored pajama-striped caterpillar. (I don't really know the name of this caterpillar yet. But the subtle striping, which helps it blend so well with the grassy stalks it lives in, also reminds me of pajamas.)

Female ground mantid
Plump and stubby, a female ground mantid. There were actually 2 of them on one little plant.

Female ground mantid
I touched one, and it jumped off the plant and onto the ground, where it promptly darted away, quick as a lizard.

Female ground mantid

The highlight of my bug-finding was this scorpion. My first "wild" scorpion that wasn't part of an exhibit or collection.

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