Thursday, April 25, 2013

A new bug at the Arboretum

Black Stinkbug, Proxys punctulatus

After a tour this morning, I noticed this bug on some low plants beside the trail. As I got closer to take its picture with my phone, I noticed that it had a little white spot. I thought it was just debris or something, until I saw an identical bug nearby with an identical white spot. In a few seconds, I realized there were quite a few of these bugs. With the idea in my head that I would return tomorrow with the "good" camera, I at least took the time just now to identify this guy: Proxys punctulatus, the Black Stink Bug. And in doing so, I have found that it might just be a newcomer to these parts. BugGuide lists its range only as far west as Arizona. In a little further searching, I have still not found any mention of this bug in California. So maybe I need to look a little harder. Or maybe this is something new.

Like most other stinkbugs, it's a plant-sucker. Hopefully it will not turn out to be an invasive pest. I will try to get some more pictures of it soon.

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