Sunday, March 31, 2013

First mantids of 2013!

The first two danglers!
Well, there's nothing like seeing my favorite bug-friends to nudge me out of a serious blogging slump. Would you believe I spotted these 2 guys last Friday, dangling in the morning breeze from my kitchen window? Of course I knew the egg case was there, and I had been keeping an eye on it every morning because I knew it would be hatching soon.
And sure enough it did!

Legs unfolding
I quickly and carefully moved the egg case to a safer location after the first photo. I was expecting my gardener that day, and I didn't want the babies falling where the lawn mower would get 'em.

The first to hatch
As sometimes happens, only 3 hatched that day. The rest hopefully have hatched by now, but this was actually an egg case from the arboretum, and I took it back to its original location on Friday afternoon. I'll be checking it in a couple of days.

A brand-new mantid
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