Friday, January 11, 2013

A few bug photos with the iPhone camera

It's been a less than inspiring winter for me. I haven't felt too much like blogging.
I have been trying to accustom myself to the iphone camera. And while it does take pretty good pictures, and I have downloaded a bunch of fun photo apps, I find that (1) the camera is physically difficult for me to hold and manipulate, compared to a "real" camera, and (2) as nifty as all the apps are, they are difficult to see and manage on the iphone, so I usually want to edit them on my ipad or my PC. So that cuts down on the spontaneity a little bit. But here are 3 bug pictures that I've taken fairly recently:

Red Shouldered Bugs
A few red-shouldered bugs hanging out in the sun.

One flower, one caterpillar
Here is a little owlet moth caterpillar, perhaps a Heliothis sp. There was one lone flower blooming on a patch of columbine, and this little fellow was on it.

Fat Green Caterpillar
This fat caterpillar was hanging out under a trash can in my backyard. (pardon the frass)

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