Monday, December 03, 2012

A fitting (and spitting) farewell

A spitting farewell
This is the same sweet Iris oratoria that I blogged about here. A couple of weeks ago, I returned her to the same plant at the arboretum where I had found her. I tried to get one farewell shot of her, and as I was (and still am) getting used to using my new iPhone camera, it was kind of tricky.

I tried poking and prodding her to get her into a better position. She got tired of that pretty quick, and opened her wings in a threat display. Of course, I consider her open wings to be more beautiful than threatening, and as I fiddled with my camera, she relaxed a little and started to close her wings.

"No, no, wait!" I said, and goosed her again. The wings shot back up, but she added a yucky black spit bubble for good measure. I had forgotten that these mantids will do that sometimes. Yuck. Well, this is probably my last mantid photo of the season.

Here's to next year!

Mantis Monday, Morphin' Mandala

Mantis Mandala

I have been having too much fun with the Keleidacam app on my iPhone.
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