Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mantis Montage

Here are a few of the mantids that I encountered over the summer:

dark chocolate mantis
This little guy was really dark. 75% cacao dark chocolate dark.

dark mantis with fly
I fed him a fly, which he ate, and then he went on his way.

Morning Mantis
This guy lived on the same low-hanging branch for several weeks. I fed him a fly, skewered on the end of a grass-stem every day. I'd like to think he's one of the bachelors I saw hanging out with his buddies on my porch the other day. (down at the end of this post)

I thought this girl was resting when I found her on my screen door, but there was something wrong with her. She was virtually paralyzed. I don't know if she had somehow come in contact with some pesticide, or maybe she was stung by a bee or something, but I kept her for a few days and fed her droplets of honey, and she recovered. I released her back into the yard and saw her for several days until she disappeared (up into the trees, I hope).

Strange mantis Brice found for me
Brice called me from school the other week to tell me there was a large praying mantis that he thought "I would want to see". He was right. She was beautiful. Strangely yellowish, kind of "lemon-lime" colored.
Mantis back
She also acted strangely, and she wouldn't eat, which is very unusual for a large female. I let her go, too.

three bachelors
These "Three Caballeros" were on my porch light a few nights ago, when it was so hot. I like how they all stopped their partying for just a second to look at the camera.

It's been a long and mostly unproductive summer for me. I haven't felt much like blogging, although the bugs have been out there. And since we didn't take a vacation out of town, the bugs have mostly been just the every-day local ones. Still, I have taken a few pictures over the past couple months.

This beautiful grasshopper had just shed her skin one evening at the arboretum.

grasshopper shed
The old skin was on the ground right beneath her.

where were you during Moth Week?
A couple of moths that couldn't be bothered to show themselves during Moth Week.
cute little moth

A brown stink bug...

And a mottled green one with pretty turquoise legs.

unfamiliar hemipteran
And this weird guy was on my porch just yesterday. Like the stink bugs, it's a "true bug", but I've never seen one like it before. So I'm still seeing new things from time to time, in familiar places.

There have been mantids, too, of course. I will make a post for them a little later.
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