Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moth week "meh"

First of all, I want to clarify that I do not feel "meh" about Moth Week itself. On the contrary, I was excited to learn about it, and hopeful that the warm mid-summer evenings would yield a nice variety of pretty moths that would come to my black light.

The "meh" refers to my results so far.

slim pickin's
This was the first or second night, at my front porch. I substituted my regular bulb with a black light bulb. What you see are just some drab little tiny moths and maybe a couple of mirid bugs. This was the morning after, but trust me, the night before was just as boring, except for the addition of a few lingering June beetles.

geometer moth
There were a few moths that may have been attracted to the light, but chose other areas to roost instead of the white sheet. Like this little geometer on the door jamb.

owlet moth
This armyworm moth was behind the sheet and fluttered to the ground when I moved the sheet.

Inside looking out
And this guy just made himself at home right inside the lamp!

After 2 nights on the front porch, I moved the whole set-up to the back patio. Same "meh" results. So now I have it under a tree in my back yard, but not holding my breath.
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