Sunday, July 22, 2012

Celebrating National Moth Week

The first National Moth Week will be July 23 - 29. I love the idea of a week to celebrate moths. They have taken a back seat to butterflies for too long.

I have actually been using my black light and sheet in the back yard for the last several days, but haven't attracted much. My front porch light, with just a regular compact fluorescent bulb, has attracted a nice variety of moths over the years. For Moth Week, I'm going to try putting the black light on the front porch (Jerry loves this idea ...NOT!) and see what happens.

I will post any good moth photos I can get, and I'll link to some other bug blogs if I see they have good moth posts. In the meantime, here are a couple of moths I've seen recently, one on the sheet, and one on my front porch.

Back porch moth

Porch moth

For more info on National Moth Week, and to find out if there are any moth-related events near you, click here.

Here's hoping for a moth-filled week!
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