Monday, May 14, 2012

Morphing Mantis Monday!

My blog-friend, Laura, of Forest Walk Art, has started a weekly feature called Morphing Monday, where she takes a photo and digitally alters it. Morphs it, you might say! I have always enjoyed fiddling with photos in photoshop, and especially after finding a the Percolator app for my iPad, I couldn't resist joining in!
Tropical mantis
First, I painted this cartoony tropical mantid using Sketch Club on my iPad.

Percolator Mantid
Finding out what kinds of effects Percolator can do...

Percolator Mantid
Wow, this is really wild! Pretty fun!

Here's one from last summer. Before....

Percolator Mantid
After. This reminds me of a Gustav Klimt painting. Sort of.

Thanks, Laura, for inspiring me this week! I might just post a few more Percolated bug pictures before I get this out of my system!

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