Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The verdant jungle

Also known as my back yard. up the tree This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago already, and the tree is now even more verdant and jungle-y than you see here. But it's so delightful sitting under it and looking up into the leafy branches.
  Slope with ivy Beneath the tree, a relentless sea of ivy flows down the slope.
  Snail The ivy is full of critters. Does a snail count as a critter? I say it does.

Here's a fly with one of those one-click filters added in Picasa.
  moth This little moth was on a dandelion weed that was poking up through the ivy. Still counts as being in the ivy, though. Also counts as a critter.
  A dinosaur in the ivy! Another critter, and another photo-filter. I thought this alligator lizard looked like a dinosaur! The ivy is full of lizards!

I have another ivy-dwelling critter than I will put in a separate post.
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