Monday, April 30, 2012

Arboretum, how I've missed you.

the meadow in bloom
I popped in to the arboretum the other day, for a too-brief walk around. I didn't even get all the way around. That would have taken more time than I had. But I saw things blooming that weren't even planted last time I was there. There is a meadow with knee-high grasses and flowers.

apple blossoms
The apple blossoms were divine, and the bees knew it.

blue pollen time
The bees are getting their blue pollen from the pride of madeira flowers, in full bloom.

Late instar harlequin nymph
The bladderpod plant, which looked just awful for most of last year, still looks bad, but it's looking better. And it is still supporting the harlequins.

Mirid bug
Here's a little mirid bug.

First arboretum mantid of spring :)
My first mantid sighting at the arboretum this year: Iris oratoria

I hope I can find the time to go back again before we get into the next phase of remodeling.
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