Thursday, January 05, 2012

Spider comes a-courtin'

Yesterday I was in my backyard, and the movements of a spider caught my eye. A brown funnel-web spider was running around the outskirts of a web on the Indian Hawthorne bush. I had never seen this behavior before, so I watched to see what it was doing. It circled the perimeter of the web a couple times and then headed for the funnel center, which in this case was also a rolled-up leaf. But at the entrance, there was another spider that, apparently, did not want any visitors. I could tell by now that the intruder was a male, and I could only guess that the occupant was a female who seemed to be rejecting his advances. He was not ready to give up. He approached the entrance again, slowly this time, and waited. I took a chance and ran inside for my camera. When I came out, he was still there.
  Patiently waiting "May I come in?"
  patiently waiting Another view
  She's in there From this view you can just make out the legs of the female way back in the leaf.
  Room for two He made it in!
  gaining entry Side view of the male inside the leaf-funnel. He stayed in there for a long time. At least a couple of hours. This morning, when I remembered to check again, he was gone. The female was alone, way in the back of her funnel home.
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