Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hanging around, upside down

Just hangin' around I've been hanging around, taking a few pictures here and there, but not really feeling like blogging much. Things are happening beyond my little sphere of bug stuff. Nothing really bad, but enough that it distracts me from sitting down to go through my bug photos and post them. But hopefully I'll be getting back to it soon.


  1. DUDE~ I saw a Preying mantis on my sunflower! it was sooo cool! I need to get a real camera for cool stuff like that. Now I'm just making due with my phone camea

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  3. i know what you're saying...sometimes i just don't feel like 'talking'...i do...but i don't.

    i always look forward to seeing your BUG encounters...and the face on that mantis is just too CUTE!!

  4. Hey there cutey! I saw you after your photographer posted you, but I had no time to comment on how adorable you are all upsidedown and seemingly laughing...I know the lady that took your picture was having so much fun, she probably nearly wet her pants with glee!!! You are so strong and healthy looking...a mighty fine specimen! I wish you had some cousins, however distant, in south Florida!!! LOL.

  5. I love everything about your insect blog.I love spiders best,we get plenty here is Cape York [very tropical] queensland Australia...


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