Saturday, August 13, 2011

A visit to the creek

I live just a few blocks from a county regional park.   It has acres of grassy lawn, 3 baseball diamonds, 3 playgrounds, a lake, and paved walking trails.  My favorite trails are the unpaved ones that lead to the furthest reaches of the park, where not so many people go, and the signs warn of coyotes and rattlesnakes.  This is where I collected my tree frog eggs in the spring, and where I later released the resulting frogs.   This week, I had an urge to go there and explore.  The mornings have been perfect for it, cool and overcast.

Fragile habitat
The creek is still full of plants, which is good, although it doesn't seem to be quite as lush as it was in the spring.

fragile habitat
This is the point where the water enters the park.  Not pretty, is it?  I don't even know what kind of icky stuff is in that water.  But it still supports life.

It gets a little prettier as you get away from the culvert.

There are tons of frogs in there!

Are you bigger than a duckweed plant?
They are Pacific Tree Frogs, and mostly tiny ones.  Those aren't lily pads, they're tiny duckweed.



frog and grasshopper
The frogs are sharing their habitat with lots of grasshoppers, too.

Big Green Grasshopper
This one was on a nearby castor plant.

This one was pretending I couldn't see him.

I found another insect that I thought was pretty cool.   You will see it in my next post.
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