Saturday, July 09, 2011

poking fun at the fat green guy

My tomato hornworm has gone under the soil to pupate, but before he did, I took some pictures.

Aaah! Look at his jaws!

Full size
Measuring him the morning before he went underground.

The face
Contemplating one last leaf. (and he ate it, too.)

proleg love
I have a thing for caterpillar prolegs.

proleg love
Look at the velcro-like grippers on those things! (The better to hang on to the tomato plant, dearie.)

proleg love
And when they don't have a tomato stem to hold onto, they just hold onto each other ♥.

Sorry about this. I couldn't resist.
Spiracles, by the way, are the little holes that insects breathe through. On this guy, they just look like a row of evil little sideways eyes, though, don't they?
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