Sunday, July 03, 2011

Bigger and fatter, as promised

Big Hornworm
My hornworm continues to eat and grow, and now he's reached the huge, bloated size that simultaneously fascinates me and makes me gag a little. It doesn't help that, as big as he is, he absolutely hates being messed with, which makes it hard to take pictures of him. Whatever he's doing, (well, he's pretty much just EATING,) he will stop when I approach him. If I dare to try and re-position him a little for better viewing and photographing, he arches his head and neck, and makes clicking sounds with his jaws. These caterpillars also keep a death grip on the tomato stem with their prolegs. It is literally a death grip. The other week, I was trying to pluck a smaller hornworm from my tomato plant. He was holding on tight, I was klutzy and impatient... and I accidentally ripped him in half! Bleah! But I digress. Our camera-shy friend here was turning and changing direction like someone famous trying to evade the paparazzi. So that's why I have only been able to achieve this single tabloid-quality photo of him today.
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