Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rough stinkbug

rough stinkbug
The kids found this bug at camp the other day, and it was a new one for me. It's a rough stinkbug, genus Brochymena.  I brought it home to ID and take pictures of it.

Rough stinkbug
You can see its mouth, a long piercing-sucking "needle".  Like all true bugs, it pokes its mouth into the food and sucks the juices out.  It was very unhappy in the little container that I brought it home in, and had no food.  I stuck a grape in there, thinking it could suck the juice for moisture, but it wasn't interested.

glassy winged sharpshooter
I have this bug, the glassy winged sharpshooter, to thank for food plant recommendation.   Unsure what to feed the stinkbug, (the kids found him on the patio floor) I remembered that these sap-sucking bug cousins love this succulent plant in my front yard.  In a pinch, it the stinkbug sucked on it too.  Enough to get by until I released it the next morning.
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