Friday, April 29, 2011

More bugs from the desert (and a lizard)


paper wasp

small milkweed bug
small milkweed bug

tiny crab spider
Spiders in the desert must have a hard life. I often see them with missing legs.

Still need to ID this one.  I think it is a blister beetle of the genus Nemognatha.   According to BugGuide, the adults feed on the nectar and pollen of various flowers, and, get this:  The female beetles lay their eggs on the flowers.  After they hatch, the beetle larvae attach themselves to bees when they visit the flowers, and are  carried to bee nests where they eat bee eggs and stored food.   Fascinating.  And kind of yucky.

not quite hidden
Desert long horned grasshopper,Tanaocerus koebelei

handsome lizard
A beautiful desert iguana
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