Sunday, November 28, 2010


I have never really paid too much attention to who reads this blog. Way back when I first started, I put a blog counter on it, and quickly realized hardly anybody was reading it! Somehow, I think when Old Blogger changed to New Blogger a few years ago, I lost the counter. I figured I didn't really need it.

Recently, Blogger has put stats right into the workings of their blogs. So of course, I am sneaking a peek every so often just to see who else is looking. And I'm still not breaking any records. But I have noticed something interesting:

My Saturday Night Fever Bug post has been wildly popular (relatively speaking).

The next most popular post, which has been on the blog since July 2009, has half as many. The #3 post (not far behind #2, and is related to it) is almost 5 1/2 years old!

So what is it about the Saturday Night Fever Bug that makes it so popular? I'm guessing it has a lot less to do with my blog and a lot more to do with the movie. And Google. And people Googling the movie, who must be finding my bug by accident. And out of all those hundreds of chance encounters, only my loyal readers left any comments.

That's OK. Those are the important ones anyway. You guys know, this is an esoteric blog.
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