Thursday, October 07, 2010

This doesn't happen every day.

OK, this part happens every day: I put on my shoes in the morning, tie the laces, start to step out and seize the day.

But wait.

I feel something in my shoe. A pebble, a piece of dirt from somewhere, I don't know. But it's annoying, and I cant ignore it. Dang. Now I have sit down and take off my shoe and shake out the offending particle.

Tap tap. Shake shake. I see a little brown thing fall on the floor. I am satisfied that I have fixed the problem, but curious what was in there, so I pick it up. My first impression is that it is indeed a granule of dirt. Then for one uneasy moment, I suspect it might be a mouse dropping, because it's just about that size and shape.

Until the legs unfold.

He he! A weevil was in my shoe!
I released him in the yard, apparently unharmed.
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