Sunday, September 05, 2010

A beautiful moth's debut

This exquisite little moth emerged from the soil in the container on my front porch. I took the first few shots while it was still in there, because I didn't know how quickly it would fly away.

A view of the underwings

Pretty greenish eyes

Forked tongue. I have no idea if this is how all moth tongues look. I've never been lucky enough to see this before.

A try at capturing the irridescent shine on the wings.

I set him(?) on a tree branch in my yard. Shortly thereafter, he flew away.
You can see him in his caterpillar stage here, and see his pupa here.
I am also going to submit him to BugGuide, because I'm not sure if he's really a corn earworm moth. He seems a little too patterny compared to the pictures I saw on there.

Update: The moth has been identified as Heliothis phloxiphaga. And because I was the first one, apparently, on BugGuide to have reared this moth from the larval stage, I have the first identified submission of the caterpillar, making it possible now to give ID's to other similar caterpillars that may also be H. phloxiphaga.

My good deed for the day :)

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