Monday, July 12, 2010

Iris oratoria for 2010

I'm finally seeing these mantids at the arboretum. As nymphs, they are easy to distinguish from their Stagmomantis cousins by their more slender bodies, abdomens that don't curl upwards, and the thin stripes that run the length of their bodies. They also have a distinctive spot on the underbelly.

Even though this photo is blurry, you can still see the stripes running down this hatchling's back. I will try to go back to the arboretum to take better pictures soon.

You can see more I. oratoria photos here. And compare the out of focus nymph above with his Stagmomantis cousins at the same age here.

These were the mantids that I adored and played with throughout my childhood, so I will always have a special fondness for them.
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