Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Venturing to South County for a change

We've been meaning to visit Laguna Coast Wilderness Park for a long time. Yesterday, we finally went. We got a late start and it was hot, so we pooped out pretty quick, but it was really pretty out there, and there were lots of bugs.

metalmark butterfly

some bug's backside

This moth's eyes seem big, for a moth. Makes it look cuter, I think.

Anybody know what these are? Some kind of beetle larvae? They were on some coastal sage (I think).
Update:  I think these are Trirhabda geminata, also known as the Encelia leaf beetle and the Brittle Bush leaf beetle.  They live on sage scrub plants from the desert to the coast.

A snakefly.

Not really happy with the way my photos are turning out these days. I could blame the camera, but ... eh, The pictures above are all new or unusual sightings for me. Most of the rest got tossed into the virtual trash can.
There were zillions of crane flies, which are reaching the peak of their annual annoyingness. I did take some pictures but they came out just ho-hum. (You can see some of my better crane fly shots in this old post if you want to see crane flies.) There were also too many of those little flies that seem to be seeking moisture from my eyes, nose and mouth. I almost ate one!

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