Friday, December 11, 2009

Blog catchup time

I haven't dragged out the ol' catchup bottle in a long time, but I have just a couple items of semi-old business that could do with a bit of the condiment.

The first of my little Ombu tree geometrid moths emerged last week. I'm sure it looks very similar to one of my many porch-moths. After I took this picture, I just left the top of the enclosure open so the moth could fly away, and I'm presuming that the second moth has since emerged and flown away as well. Also, yesterday I noticed there is still caterpillar activity under the Ombu tree at the arboretum.

My little rescued stick insect shed her skin the other night, and, just as I expected, the last 2 legs have grown out. They are still half-size, but fully functional.

In what may be my final posting on the Monarchs in Space, I saw that all 3 adult butterflies emerged successfully, but I don't know if they were given any food, or nectar substitute, or whatever they would need for nourishment. There was no mention of this on the website, either. They continued to post pictures of the 3 butterflies for a few days, until they started dying, and then they took down the photos from the last couple of days which showed only dead butterflies. I found it rather disappointing. I hope the Monarch Watch people will post some kind of follow up report about the project.
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