Friday, October 16, 2009

Pupation caught on video

Lucky me! I got to witness a Monarch caterpillar as it became a chrysalis, and I got it on video! Unfortunately, this was an impromptu thing, I had no tripod, so the focus kind of goes in and out, especially near the end when I got a little distracted because my son let the dog out and announced he was leaving for school. (I muted the video, so you don't hear my hollering!)

It's amazing when you think about this process of metamorphosis. Here is this creature (the caterpillar) who has been living in this body, and now after resting for about a day, the skin splits open and scrunches away, revealing the shell of its new body. And within that shell, the creature will liquify and re-form itself into the specifications that the new shell already suggests: wings, antennae, proboscis. A completely different creature than what it started out as. Yet, it's the same living being.


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