Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby lizard rescue (with update at end of post)

I found this tiny fence lizard on the retaining wall in our back yard this morning. He can't be more than a few weeks old. He was so cold and wet, he didn't even put up a struggle when I picked him up. I bet wherever he was sleeping last night got soaked in the rain, forcing him out onto the wall.

My original idea was just to keep him safe and warm till the rain cleared up. (It's supposed to be 80 again by tomorrow, up to 90 this weekend.) But what about the winter to come? He's so small and skinny. I worry he won't be able eat enough to build up a fat reserve to get him through the winter. I kind of want to keep him until spring.

Update, Friday, Oct. 16:
I guess he was in worse shape than I realized. The little guy died. I feel kinda sad, but I'm relieved I won't have to worry about him all winter now.
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