Sunday, September 27, 2009

Camo girl mates again!

This is what was happening above my front door late last night before I went to bed. Camo girl and the californica male were still together (and I do mean together this time!) with a limbata male looking for a piece of the action.

8am today: confirmation that, yes, they were actually mating. The curious onlooker was gone.
An hour later, the californica male was gone too. (not eaten, just gone)

Camo girl is now in a mesh container, where I will feed her and keep her until she makes another egg case. If she does, will the second egg case have a different father than the first? One might think so, but how do we know that the sperm from the first mating doesn't block out or invalidate any subsequent sperm? And what about the fact that the first mating was with a male of a different species? It will be interesting to see what the nymphs look like next spring.
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