Saturday, September 26, 2009

Camo girl: Love on the rebound

Finally, just before 4:pm, Camo girl and her lover finished mating. I checked on them and found the male on the porch steps. Still in one piece, ready to fly away. I held him for a moment, then let him go.

He took off across the yard and landed on a bush. A mockingbird was nearby and noticed him, but I ran across the yard after him, and shooed the bird away. Then I put Mr. Mantis in a little cage to keep him safe from the birds until after dark.

Meanwhile, within minutes of male #1's departing, #2 (the californica) hopped right aboard for a little snuggling. He couldn't mate with her now, as she carried the sperm of the other, but he held on tight anyway.

And this is what we came home to after our ballgame tonight. #2 still mounted, apparently having clung to her all evening while she layed eggs! This is right over our front door.

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