Friday, June 05, 2009

Something of value to ants, apparently

Yesterday, I was clipping my fingernails out in the front yard. I noticed that ants were carrying away the clippings. (These are the ubiquitous Argentine ants.) I went in to get my camera, but when I came back out, my neighbor was walking by with his granddaughter. I was embarrassed to tell him what I was going to take a picture of, so I kept my camera in my pocket and made small-talk with the old guy. When he finally continued on his way, I turned my attention back to the ants, only to realize they had already taken the clippings away.

So today I decided to clip my toenails, and I brought my camera with me. I was not disappointed.

Jerry came home from work while I was in the middle of taking pictures of ants carrying away my toenail clippings, but I wasn't embarrassed this time. After almost 30 years of marriage, this is pretty much what he expects from me.

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