Saturday, May 09, 2009

A close shave for this slug

The bok choy in my garden has started to bolt, so instead of cutting a few stalks here and there, I have been cutting whole heads of it at a time. I love the perfect rosette it makes when I cut the bottom off.

This rosette had some "stuff" in it, though, and on closer inspection, there was a slug, a very lucky slug, down in the bottom of one of the stems.

I looked on the knife and on other side of where I cut, and I didn't see any slug bits. I waited, and soon I saw his antennas starting to poke out. This was the best shot I got of him before he wisely turned around and made his way back into the bottom of the rosette. I ended up putting the whole rosette out in the yard in the hope he would find his way to safety.
But I dunno, I think it looks like I took off part of his face.
And that's not the only surprise I found in my veggies. Check this out.
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