Saturday, February 14, 2009

In between the storms

Haven't felt like blogging too much lately. Nothing really new and exciting in my little world of bugs. But in between all the bad weather, I do poke around just to see what's in my yard.

Monarch babies surviving the rain and chilly temps.

This little bit of curbing next to my milkweed plant is sprinkled with lentil-sized snails.

Up close, they look like cinnamon rolls.

I try to rescue earthworms that come out of the soggy ground only to get stranded on the dry patio.

I have this big jar half filled with compost, and I toss the worms in there. When the rain stops, I'll find a good place to dump the jar out.

My one lonely tadpole has been slowly growing. I was reluctant to bring him to Mrs. W's class, because I didn't know if he would live. He seems to be doing OK, but definitely not growing as fast as they normally do. He spends most of the time hiding, so when I saw him right up front, I had to take his picture.

The snails and salamanders have the run of the place when the weather is like this. I watched this attractive slug for awhile on my patio wall.

Till he made his way back down to the ground.

He he! Funny salamander face! Don't worry, I was holding him gently.
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