Saturday, January 24, 2009

A few of the S-creatures that came out last night

It rained lightly all day yesterday. By last night, it had let up a little, and I noticed lots of creatures roaming about my yard. When I mentioned this to my family, Michael asked what I had seen, and I said "snails, slugs, spiders and salamanders". Everything with an S!

I usually don't bother trying to take pictures at night. It's just too dark and hard to focus. But with the help of a headlamp*, I was able to get a few semi-decent shots.

A trio of pea-sized snails on my front steps. Something looks suspiciously squishy there, too.

Just a nice big snail.

A long skinny slug, over by the trash cans.

One of several decollate snails I saw cruising around.

Spider on the garage. His brother was on the back porch.

I saw 3 salamanders out roaming around. This looked like a yearling with a stubby tail that is starting to regrow.

Another one on the sidewalk.

*Jerry bought himself one of these last year. Although it is intended for outdoor uses in camping, caving, etc., he has used it numerous times for things like working under the kitchen sink, fixing his truck in the driveway at night, and finding his way through the tangled maze of wires and cables under his desk. I have used it a few times myself, especially to find bugs and stuff at night. We have enjoyed it so much, we got one for my dad, and it has also come in handy for him a few times, (and not for camping, either!)

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