Monday, November 03, 2008

Extatosoma tiaratum, third generation (ETIII)

I hadn't planned on raising any more Extatosoma tiaratum ("ET") stick insects, after raising 2 consecutive generations. When my ETII matured early this year, I was careful to keep the eggs contained and later destroyed them. These insects would be considered invasive here. There was a place in my yard, though, where I allowed ETII to hang out. A prickly bramble vine (ET food) had started growing spontaneously, coincidentally, right around the time I first started playing with these bugs a few years ago. It hangs down from the top of a retaining wall, over a concrete walkway. It was nice to be able to let her spend time outside safely, and it was easy for me to find her eggs on the sidewalk, where I simply stepped on them.

Apparently, one egg fell through the cracks. Literally.

Yesterday, I found this ET hatchling on the side of a trash can, just inches away from the very vine where her momma used to hang out. I hope there aren't any more out there, but there may well be...

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