Thursday, October 16, 2008

Follow the signs (and arrows)

This morning I was at the arboretum, scouting for bugs for this weekend's Bug Safari, (the last scheduled Bug Safari of the year.) While scanning the passiflora for Gulf Frittilary caterpillars, I came upon a conspicuous trailing line of spider silk.

I followed it a little way...

... and it led me to this beautiful creature.

She was reeling in her silk line. I think she was eating it.

She had an enormous bum! Full of eggs, I'll bet.

I marked the spot on the trail with an arrow of twigs. I do this occasionally so I can try to re-find the bug in question at a later date. Crab spiders usually stay within in a small territory, as long as food is available. I will check on Saturday morning before the Bug Safari and see if she's still there.
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