Monday, July 14, 2008

A slightly alarming number of these little beetles

When I first saw a couple of these tiny beetles on my front porch, I thought they were cute. Then I realized there was a whole bunch of them. It looked like they were emerging from behind the mailbox, but I couldn't be sure. There were also a bunch of them on the ground. Most of those were dying, because I have just recently sprayed for ants all around the perimeter of the porch.

The ones still on the wall were OK.

I brought one in the house to try to get a better picture of it. The beetles were about the size of a grain of sushi rice.

My concern is that these are some kind of wood-boring beetle that have emerged from somewhere on my porch. I looked around, but didn't see any little beetle sized holes. (or any other size holes) I also swept away all the dead ones on the ground, and haven't seen any new ones since then, so they remain a mystery.
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