Monday, March 17, 2008

The insect-finder's eye

Yesterday, Jerry and I were hanging out in our car, at the park, enjoying an afternoon of weird weather. We just sat there, waiting for the rain to stop. We watched the leafless trees blowing in the wind...

Wait a minute! What's that I see, right there, on that branch right over the handicapped parking sign? It looks like praying mantis eggs.

Jerry says, "How can you tell it's praying mantis eggs? How did you even notice them?" He should know better by now.

"It looks like praying mantis eggs," I insist. "I can just tell. I'm gonna go see."


I knew it!

They were too high up to reach, with just my arm, that is. A quick check in the car trunk revealed a long handled squeegee, perfect for hooking that branch and pulling it down to where I could just reach it....

Score! These guys are going to be living in my yard now.

Of course after that, and when the rain stopped, while Jerry was taking pictures of the view, I was checking out all the other trees in the park. Turns out there are bunches of praying mantis eggs up there. When they hatch out later this spring, many of them will no doubt drift down to the planter beds. I will try to keep an eye out for them.
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