Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ahoy! It's the Cap'n!

I was doing a little work in my front planter area. I need to clean out the dead and dying plants, and get rid of a bunch of snails and slugs, which have been multiplying and eating a lot of my succulents.

I found him resting on a little flowerpot.

I would know this shell anywhere.

And look...he has a posse!

Since I was searching for snails and slugs to hand-pick and remove from my yard, I wanted to spare Cap'n Crunch's life. When Jerry went for his daily walk, I gave him the snail in a paper bag with instructions to release him in the park. So this will probably be the last we see of the Cap'n. (His little companions had come off the flowerpot, so they didn't accompany him on his final adventure.)
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