Monday, February 25, 2008

Mantis Monday for 2-25-08

Here's a fantastic mantis-themed bento created by Sakurako Kitsa.
Bento is a Japanese lunch, packed in a compartmentalized box. I remember when I worked for Hitachi many years ago, the recently transplanted Japanese employees would bring their neat little divider boxes packed by their dutiful wives with rice in one section and something else, maybe scrambled egg, vegetable, (or something I couldn't quite identify!) in the others. The lunches always looked so nice and, well, orderly.

In the 20-or-so years since I left Hitachi, the whole concept of Bento boxes pretty much dropped from my radar screen. Now, thanks to the miracle of the internet, I have learned that Bento has evolved into an artform. And Sakurako is a master. Just have a look at her Bento set on Flickr. In fact, I almost wasn't sure whether I should post this here on Bug Safari, or on my Art Blog. But it is a mantis after all, and mantids belong right here.

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