Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Low tide and long shadows

On Sunday, we went to the beach. There was a minus tide. Wandering along the shore during a minus tide ranks right up there with bug-hunting as one of my favorite activities. Unfortunately, I'm just not limber and agile enough these days to climb around on the rocks like I would have liked to. So mostly I just walked along the nice, flat sandy shore.

I mainly wanted to find some nice shells and rocks, which I have posted here. I wasn't really looking for bugs, but I found some anyway.

I noticed this butterfly at the bottom of the trail. It was incredibly tiny. I later found out it's a Westerm Pygmy Blue, the smallest butterfly in North America.

This small tidepool snail had a nice pinkish-purplish crust of some sort.

I found this bee struggling desperately at the edge of the surf. I rescued her, but quickly realized there was little chance of her surviving the chilly night to come, much less returning to her hive, so I euthanized her quickly under my shoe.

This ladybug stood out against the drab gray shrub. It looks like there might have been something edible, like a scale or something, on the plant.
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