Thursday, November 15, 2007

My snail is healing!

Those of you who have been following the progress of Cap'n Crunch will be pleased to know that he is showing definite healing progress.

The first two pictures were taken on Tuesday, exactly one week after I found him. He has the beginning of a new shell already. It is dry and hard. Well, maybe hard isn't an accurate word, because I'm sure it's still very thin and brittle. But it's there.

Two days later, this morning, you can already see more changes. The color, brown stripes are becoming more visible. This shot of the back of the snail shows some of the shattered pieces of the original shell that have knit together. There is nothing loose and wiggly any more. Even the last little piece of loose shell that was flipped over backwards seems to have affixed itself to the new shell. Compare these shots to the day I found him, and you can see the difference.

I ended up releasing the companion snail after only a few days. I was worried that it might climb over Cap'n and aggravate his injuries. Also, I wanted to be certain that Cap'n was eating and pooping OK, and I could only be sure about this if he was the only snail in there. (And yes, he's doing both.)
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