Sunday, November 11, 2007

Large Yellow Underwing Moth

For no good reason, I tend to live in a rut most of the time. I stick close to home and the usual routine, the usual places. Yesterday, finally, I ventured somewhere different for a change.

Beneath the spreading branches of the oaks, leaves fluttered to the ground and crunched beneath my feet. Then something fluttered that didn't seem all together leaf-like. It seemed slightly less random in its movement and more self-propelled. And there was a yellow color in it that caught the sun differently than the other leaves. My eyes followed where it came to the ground and I found it, a good-sized moth.

After taking a couple of pictures of it resting with its wings folded, I wanted to try to see the yellow that I knew was underneath. I touched it ever so gently, but that was enough to launch it into the air and up a hill where I couldn't follow. When I got home, I was able to identify it on BugGuide, and get a view of those underwings.
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