Tuesday, October 02, 2007

You want fries with that?

Yes, once again it's time to rummage through the fridge and pull out that old bottle of Bug Safari Blog Catchup.

(Make sure you shake it first, or you'll get all that watery stuff.)

My dead leaf mantis, which I released in June when we went on our road trip, made an encore appearance. It was last October that I bought her at the Cal Poly Insect Fair, which makes her a year old, the longest surviving mantis I've ever had.

She hung around long enough to attract the attention of a local mantid male. Despite his intentions, their relationship was never consumated. (or consumed)

An especially green stick insect.

Blurry but cute.

A couple of jumping spiders.

I captured this grasshopper at the arboretum and briefly displayed her in a jar for kids to see. When I released her, I noticed her coloring seemed a little "off."

Then I noticed some little "things" on her. Parasites, maybe? Unfortunately, she flew away after I took this shot.

Yesterday, I sent 4 of my ET nymphs to someone in Oregon

Lined up and waiting to be packed.

Inside their packing container

All snug and ready to go. This is my first time mailing live bugs. Fingers crossed for a safe journey.
UPDATE: They made it! I can un-cross my fingers now.

I found this dead sparrow in the side yard. After a momentary pang of sorrow for the life lost and any possible suffering endured, I focused on the bigger picture, and how even in death, the bird’s body had a purpose. It was now a food source for an ant colony.

The soul of the little bird is gone. The body remains, an empty shell.

The tiny clawed foot recalls the sparrow’s grace in life, as it hopped from branch to branch.

More death. Jerry brought me home this mortally wounded mantid that he found on his walk. It looks like she was either attacked by a bird, or maybe stepped on. This was sadder for me than the bird, which was already dead when I found it. I fed her a drop of honey. She ate it gratefully, and almost seemed to rally for a few moments, but she was too weak, too badly damaged. I made a little bed for her out of a Kleenex, tucked her in, and lay her in my freezer.

Whew! That's a lot of stuff. I'll try to be better about posting in a timely manner.
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