Saturday, October 27, 2007

Something for the Bees?

I got an email yesterday from Conservation International.
And they asked me to post a link to their page...just a little free advertising for them, huh?

"...McDonald’s and CI recently collaborated to launch the “The Bee Movie” Happy Meal. CI helped develop an online pledge for the Happy Meals, called “Bee Good to the Planet,” which encourages children to get outside, see what their backyards have to offer, and care for the environment. McDonald’s has also made a generous donation to help CI conserve crucial bee habitats around the world..."

Well, I'm not a big fan of McDonald's, but the website seems educational and fun for kids.
I've had some trouble getting the page to load, though. They're probably getting a lot of hits. So if it doesn't work, try again a little later.
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