Thursday, July 19, 2007

Butterfly & moth sightings

Yesterday at the arboretum, there was this one big flowering bush that had 2 (possibly 3) gaint swallowtails just going around and around it, stopping every few seconds for a sip of nectar. I hung around for the longest time trying to take pictures of them. This was my best shot. I may go back and try again, if they're still there.

Later, I followed this nice moth around for a bit, until I finally got a picture. Satisfied, I stepped from the shrubbery and a man who had been watching me asked, "Did you get it?" He had a camera with a huge lens, and here I was with my little point-n-shoot. Sometimes I wonder if "real" photographers feel their equipment and the resulting images are superior to stuff like mine. And sometimes, I wish I wasn't so daunted by how big, heavy and complicated "real cameras" look to be. But I'll probably always be a die-hard point-n-shooter. And that's OK with me.
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