Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back from Northern California, again

I went back up to Somona County last week. I didn't see as many bugs as I did last time, perhaps because the weather was so warm and dry. Maybe I wasn't looking quite as hard as I did before. But I found a few that were blog-worthy.

Armstrong Redwood State Reserve was beautiful. Primeval. I was hoping I would see a banana slug...

But the path is all fenced in.

And they really don't want you going beyond the fence.

I did manage to find this millipede under a piece of rotting wood within arm's reach of the other side of the fence. (Actually, I reached over the fence to lift up the piece of wood.)

I also found this nifty yellow caterpillar there.

I found my banana slug the following day, along the coast. It was being eaten by a snake.

I thought this little spider was cute.

There were some beautiful blue butterflies on the buckwheat flowers along the coast. I managed to get one in semi-focus that showed off the blue.

This tarantula-hawk wasp was at a rest area on the way home. I guess it eats other things besides tarantulas, because it looked to be feeding on the flowers, maybe the nectar, I couldn't tell. Anyway, between the flowers waving in the breeze and the constantly-moving wasp, I was lucky to get this shot.
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