Sunday, June 03, 2007

Some aphids (and their predators)

We had so little rainfall this past season, I really think we didn't get as many weeds as we normally do. But there are some, and the aphids have found them.

These aphids live clustered along the stems of wild mustard plants. I always thought they were gray, but now I see they are actually coated with something that makes them look gray. Perhaps they are the powdered sugar donuts of the aphid world. Or maybe they're wooly aphids.

These yellow ones are oleander aphids. They like the milkweed plants at the arboretum.

Here one is being devoured by a syrphid fly larva.

The bright colors of these ladybug pupae caught my eye on a small shrub.

As I got closer to take pictures, I noticed clusters of mature ladybug larvae beginning to pupate. I have never seen so many pupating in a group like this.

And here's what they were eating. The tip of every branch had these green aphids on them.
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