Friday, June 22, 2007

Northern California bugs

I am in Northern California this week, Sonoma County. Brice is doing his internship at a local business up here. (Details about this do not fall within the normal bug-related topics of this blog, but if anybody wants to know more, just say so in the comment section, and I'll reply by email.)

Anyhoo, here I am basically keeping myself busy during the day while Brice is working, so I have been finding nice places outdoors and taking pictures of bugs I find. A pre-trip check of revealed very few listings of bugs from this area, so I didn't really know what to expect. I have been pleasantly surprised, though. Here are a few highlights.

This was my first Sonoma County bug, and it turns out, these beetles seem to predominate, and devour, many plants around here.

At Crane Creek Regional Park, ticks like this one positioned themselves on tall grass stalks with front legs outstretched, the better to grab ahold of a passing host. After I saw this one, I began obsessively checking my pant legs every so often, and I did find a few to flick away.

Sonoma spider solitude

Still need to find out what this is. There were lots of them.

A ladybug with stripes

More pictures from my visit to Crane Creek Regional Park can be seen here. I find that when I have lots of pictures, it's easier to put them up on Flickr than on Blogger.
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