Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Update on baby birds

Discouraging development for one of the baby finches I "rescued".

Even though I can see the parents continuing to care for them, and the babies are vigorous and noisy, I was still concerned because of their injuries from the sparrow. I took a peek in the nest this afternoon.

Three of them appear to be OK, but one little birdie has lost the tip of his beak. I don't know how he will be able to feed himself. I have emailed the songbird rescue people for advice.

Sad update, 5-16-07: Vicki from Songbird Rescue called me back after viewing the photos above. She says this birdie will never be able to feed itself, and while his parents are currently continuing to put food into his open mouth, once he leaves the nest and has to fend for himself, he will starve. The kindest thing would be to euthanize him before that happens.

On Friday, I have a pre-existing appointment to take my lab, Boomie, to the vet for his shot and dental work. I called their office, and they said I could bring in the birdie and they would put him down for me.

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