Sunday, April 15, 2007

Death Valley critters!

Hemileuca burnsi
Look! I put this caterpillar on!

I've been back for several days already. I saw lots of bugs, took lots of pictures, and spent lots of time sorting through them and otherwise procrastinating getting them on the blog. I did get them on Flickr. So you can see them here. And a few DV herps here.

My favorite finds were probably the caterpillar above, and the desert tortoise, below.

This was my first time seeing a desert tortoise in the wild. He was just inches from the pavement. He was very shy, hissing and pulling himself as far into his shell as he could. This was as far out as he would come, and he flinched if I made even the slightest movement. I carried him carefully about 10 feet farther away from the road. I hope he stays safe, and has no more unpleasant encounters with any pesky humans.
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