Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More buggy cuteness

At Target yesterday, I came upon an aisle of cheery spring outdoor and garden products for children. There was a blue penguin-themed section, a pink kitty (or maybe bunny?) section and a bug-themed one. I whipped out my camera.

Happy Giddy Bag of Bugs! What, are they having a party in there?

But seriously, (as if I can take these plastic bugs seriously,) when I got home, I looked up David Kirk, whose name was featured on the labels of some of these items. It turns out, he is the creator of the wildly popular Miss Spider series of childrens books. And Miss Spider has had a spinoff (pun intended!) called Sunny Patch, which includes a bunch more books, a TV show, DVD, and lotsa cute products, in addition to the stuff above.


And even though they're made of plastic and obviously riding a wave of marketing glory, they are still undeniably cute. And they're bugs. So there.

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